Sunday, October 19, 2008

My new ward

I went to my new ward today. The members were very welcoming to us newcomers and were so excited we were there. The chapel is small, but with the addition of the 10-15 new families, we managed to fill it up. I helped out in Primary, helping the younger kids with the transition so they would see at least one familiar face. The Primary presidency also asked the primary teachers who served in my old ward to come and co-teach for a couple of weeks to help with the transition as well.

I have a severe cold, so didn't mingle much as I didn't want to pass it on. But I didn't want to miss the first week in the new ward, especially after missing the announcement and other information last week when I was in Vermont. There is a trunk or treat and potluck dinner on Friday that I am planning to attend. I should be feeling better then and can mingle and get to know new people.

While the ward is small in terms of people, it is quite large in geographic terms: covering 14 towns in eastern Massachusetts. I don't even know which towns are included yet. Hopefully we will be assigned VTers and HTers that live close to us.

I miss my old ward, but am excited to meet new friends while remaining in contact with old friends.


ellen said...

I've been wondering all day how it went. Thanks for the update. I missed seeing all my friends. :(

Carroll Family said...

14 towns!!! Wow, and we get frustrated when it's bigger than 3 city blocks!