Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Sox lose--Rays are going to World Series

Courtesy of a late-night visit to the ER last night, I got to watch Game 7 of the ALCS championship. I haven't been watching the other games b/c they are on so late so the West Coast can watch them. I never understand that, as it usually two East Coast teams that are playing, and the fans have to stay up until 1:00 AM to watch the end of the game. The Red Sox ended up losing. I am very much a Red Sox fan, but I do think the Rays deserved this win as they have been the better team this season. I bought this cookie a while ago, saving it for a photo-op if/when the Red Sox win. It's going in the trash now as I don't want to eat it after it's sat around for a month or so!

With regards to the ER: remember that severe cold I had yesterday? It worsened so that it hurt to breathe. My mom (a nurse) recommended a trip to the ER since we don't have any urgent care centers around here. They ruled out pneumonia and clots in my lungs (thank goodness!) but put me on antibiotics anyway in case it was bronchitis. I'm feeling better this morning, but still wiped out.


rebecca said...

Such a bummer about our Red Sox.
I hope you get well SOON!

Cami said...

Sheesh! What a way to watch the game! I hope you're feeling better- breathing is a very important bodily function.

Carroll Family said...

OH, I'm so sorry it got so bad! I hope you're feeling better!