Sunday, November 2, 2008

"My Lori Lyn"

When I visited my sister and her family in August my little 2 year old niece R was my little buddy. She wanted to talk to me today and told me about trick or treating. Her mom says that whenever she sees my picture on my blog or elsewhere she says "My Lori Lyn". That just made my day--it's so sweet!!! I still remember how her brothers would call for "Aunt Lor' Lyn" when we went camping and they wanted to show me something. I have such cute nieces and nephews from all my sisters--wish I lived closer to them. It is so sweet when I hear from them and they remember me, or call/write to thank me for a birthday gift.

The photo above is R wearing my sweatshirt when we went camping and she got cold.


ellen said...

I still remember when my niece said my name for the first time; I was in heaven!

Carroll Family said...

My nephews couldn't say my name so it was always "aunt yan". I thought it was funny when I had my own kids and they could say my name perfectly - go figure.