Monday, June 29, 2009

Itchin' like crazy

I just got back from a wonderful family reunion (more on that later--still waiting for some pix) and I'm so itchy. I sat on the grass Saturday night and the chiggers attacked. They're so much worse than mosquito bites. Hard to believe something so small can cause so much discomfort. I've only heard of them in Nebraska--do they live other places too?


Carroll Family said...

YES, they live here, too - up in the mountains! I was attacked by them on my 4th yr. pack-in!

Yaker621 said...

Aaaah, the cursed chigger! They're the National Bug of Texas!!! Everything's BIG in Texas--not these things, but their BITES! When we were at Girls Camp every year, we used to try to count and see who had the most chigger bites, but it always turned-out hopeless, as the bites all ran together and we couldn't count that high! You have my empathy. And welcome back.