Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am so lucky to have 5 sisters. We are scattered across the US but are always there for each other and talk on the phone often. I love that we have so much in common, even though we are all at different places in our lives. When I was out in Utah, 4 of them were able to come for a short visit with their families. Whenever we get together we have to take sister pictures. My youngest sister wasn't able to come, and we really missed her and her family. Our favorite picture is the pyramid picture. My mom had to stand in for Chelsea, but usually Chelsea would climb up on the top. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it's getting rougher there on the bottom!

So that you can see us all, I have included a picture of us all dolled up at our family reunion last year. My mom is in this picture too. Chelsea is 2nd from the right in the back row.


ellen said...

I'm wicked jealous.

Hollist Family said...

Love it. I do love all my sisters. You are all the best!