Monday, September 13, 2010

Class #6

This is the 6th (of 9) classes required for my master's in history. I'm definitely making progress. This year's class is a seminar--meaning the professor does not lecture, but the students guide the discussion for each class. We are reading books about 20th century US history, but the focus of the class is on how/why the books were written, rather than to learn about the topic of the book. The class is on historiography, which I understand to be the study of the writing of history. Which methods did the author use in his writing? Which questions were addressed and which were not addressed? Do I agree with the questions? How did he set up the structure of the book? It seems like a really interesting class, but there is SO much reading (16 books + some articles). This doesn't count the additional 6-9 books we need to read in order to write a paper evaluating them. Guess I'll be spending a substantial amount of time on my couch reading this semester.


Marian Pierre-Louis said...

OMG that is an incredible amount of books for one class in one semester. I hope you aren't taking any other classes. It will be a lot of work but sounds kind fun. Hang in there!

Amy said...

Last semester I took a history class and we read a few small articles from some historiographers in the area. It is kind of interesting. I hope you enjoy the class. Happy Reading. I understand and feel your pain/pleasure.

arianne said...

Yikes! I would never survive!