Saturday, August 13, 2011

Naming Contest--Entries must be received by August 27

I am starting a new business selling photo cards, paper cards and jewelry. I'm going to start with the photo cards. I need a new name for this business and since I got such great ideas from all of you for my genealogy business, I'm running another contest. The name I am currently using for just the photo cards is LLP Photography, but as I mentioned, I want to expand to jewelry and paper cards eventually and so the name must be inclusive of various crafts and not just photography.

Rules: Multiple entries are encouraged. Feel free to share with your friends and ask them to submit. If I don't know you, please leave an email or blog address so I can get in contact with you if you win. There must not be a website or blog already using your submitted name. Entries must be received by midnight August 27 to be eligible for prize.

Prize: The winner will get 5 of my favorite photo cards.

I am also running this on Facebook if you want to see some of the ideas there.

Here are some samples of my favorite photos, paper cards and jewelry.


Carroll Family said...

"Price"less Artifacts

Carroll Family said...

"Price"less Beauties

Drewmeister said...

Rebecca B: Lori Lyn Designs