Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miami & JSM

View from my hotel room in Miami
I went to Miami this week for the Joint Statistical Meetings--the main national conference for statisticians from around the country and the world in all kinds of disciplines--medical research, economy, government statistics, sports statistics, etc.
I presented on challenges and approaches to teaching a non-credit series of seminars to medical residents and fellows in a variety of medical specialties. The presentation went well, and I had fun reconnecting with people from BYU, as well as others who teach statistics to clinicians.
I stayed in a room with an oceanside view--it was awesome. I'm really missing that view right about now, although I still have a great view from home.
I went out early to get some sunrise shots one day. The sunrise is about an hour later in Miami than Boston, so I didn't have to get up that early. It was so foggy that my camera lens fogged over, but I still got some nice shots.