Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall to-do list

I came across my summer to-do list today. I wrote it on my blog and then forgot about it. I accomplished about 1/2 of it. Not too impressive. BUT--I did complete the most important task: to find a thesis topic and get it approved.

Here is my fall to-do list. It is shorter than the summer to-do list b/c I am now back in school
1) make progress on my thesis proposal
2) come up with a name for my photo card, paper card and jewelry business. Turns out the winning name in my contest is too close to another business' name. If I'm really ambitious, I will also start a blog for the photo cards
3) eat healthier and exercise
4) If time permits, start work on a new genealogy lecture
5) Take some time to enjoy fall and get outside with the leaves and pumpkins

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