Saturday, September 22, 2012

My nephew P

P is 4 years old and totally adorable. He can talk your ear off though. From the minute he picked me up at the airport until he went to bed the night before I left, he had so many things to tell me and show me. I loved the way he said "Lor' Lyn". All my nephews have said it the same way when they were around that age, almost in a sing-song voice.

One of my favorite memories is when he wanted me to go to the gym with him and his dad (Chris). I told him all the reasons I couldn't go (b/c I was going with his mom (Cherisa) to her gym, because I didn't have a membership, etc.). The only thing that stuck was that I needed a number to get in. Since that's all I needed, he gave me a piece of paper and told me to write a number on it. Then he was sure that I could get in. He called it my "phone number" and even though we made it the first day I was there, he remembered it several days later and asked if I had my "phone number" so I could go to the gym with him.

Another time I was watching The Hunger Games with Cherisa and Chris and he had The Lorax on in another room. He tried really hard to get me to watch the movie with him because it was so much funnier and cooler and I would have so much more fun if I watched it with him because it was SO funny. Cool is one of his favorite words. Everything is cool.

Finally, he is obsessed with the capitol building in Lincoln, although I'm not sure he's even been there. Everytime we could see it, he pointed it out to me. We went to church on Sunday and he said he wanted to go to church at the capitol building. About 10 minutes in the service he leaned over to his mom and whispered "See--it would have been so much better if we went to the capitol." He cracks me up.

He wanted to make me a hat. So he pulled out his hat from Valentino's (one of the favorite pizza places in Lincoln) and decorated it with all his stickers.
P enjoying some ice cream at Runza's.
P playing at a playground at the mall while Cherisa and I talked with Nanci, Chris' mom.
One time when we all needed a break, Cherisa told P it was quiet time and to create something really cool for me. He was so excited to show me this--I had to come in with my eyes closed. In his favorite words: "This is SO cool!"
P doesn't like being in pictures. He refused to let me take one because he couldn't smile--he just couldn't. When I told him to put on his best frown, he was happy to be in the pictures.
My one-on-one time with P was during the day when M was at school. We played lots of games. This little boy has captured my heart and I'm so glad we got to know each other better.

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

What fun memories. I loved the hat