Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wrapping Up

This was such a fun trip. I got to do all the things I wanted to do: spend time with my sister and her family, both together and individually, eat at my favorite restaurants, see a Huskers game, and visit with lots of good family and friends.

Chris' family came over on a couple of different occasions. They are such wonderful people and it was fun to see them. I met Cherisa's co-workers, another group of great people.

I went to church and saw some of the old-timers. Most of my friends have moved on, but it was great to see those who are still there.

I also caught up with one of Cherisa's best friends who I haven't seen since high school. It's so fun to see the paths people choose. She is a nurse but is going back to get a master's while still working, so we talked about the joys of going to school and the challenges of doing so while working.

The first day I was there was kind of a laid-back day. I knew I would be pretty tired b/c I had to get up so early to catch my flight. Cherisa, M and P and I went for a walk/bike ride. The kids favorite part is climbing over this tree that fell down over the stream earlier this year.

The next day, after going to the Sunken Gardens, we went to the park with the"bumpy slide". It's the yellow one on the side of this structure. It is pretty bumpy--I got some good air going down it.

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

I'm impressed that you went down the slide.