Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I absolutely HATE shopping

I think it is the worst punishment possible. Clothes and shoe shopping are the worst. Food and general merchandise shopping is a little more tolerable. Book shopping is the only kind of shopping that I find fun. After talking to my mom I realize this runs in the family. She put off buying jeans as long as possible until she absolutely had to when she went to visit one of my sisters.

Me--I also put off shopping as long as possible. See these boots? They have been like this for most of the winter. They were functional (except for when it was wet outside), so why would I need new boots?

The only thing that pushed me over the edge? A week of wet feet every day because of all that Nemo snow melting. Love my new Wellies!
Very rainy day today and my feet stayed nice and dry until I did some serious puddle jumping to relieve some stress. They only got wet when the water came in over the top of the boot.

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

So true, I never got the shopping gene so couldn't pass it on. I do like your new boots tho