Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boston Red Sox Game: A Day in the Life

I went to a Red Sox baseball game on August 23 and passed so many fun things on the way to the game

Whenever I drive into Boston I go over this really cool bridge (the Zakim bridge). What kind of special truck do you see in front of me? After we go over the bridge, we go into a tunnel under the city!

I parked in a garage underneath a park and then walked to the subway station. On the way I walked past the frog pond. Doesn't the spray fountain look like fun?

Then everyone crowded onto the subway. It was full of people in Red Sox gear!

Then I followed the big crowds to Fenway Park
 Outside Fenway
We were sitting SO far away it was hard to see anything. But I was sitting with friends.
Having fun at the game!
It was kind of hot and I had to get ready to go on vacation so I didn't stay for the whole game. The Red Sox lost :(

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