Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catskills vacation: Day 1 and 2 (Sunday and Monday)

I went on a much needed vacation the last week in August. I left Sunday morning right after the first hour of church, packed up and headed out. It was about a 4 hour drive. I stayed at Phoenicia Lodge, which was highly recommended by a friend. I rented a studio cottage. It was a little rustic, but very clean and had everything I needed, including wi-fi, a kitchenette, and a work table. I definitely recommend it.

I was mostly in need of a mental vacation--a break from work and from my house. In this way it was perfect--I didn't look around and see all the projects at home that needed to be finished. I did take my thesis research because I can't get away from that, but that's ok. That doesn't stress me out.

I was in a duplex--my side was on the left
Tried out the hammock, but never quite got the knack of finding a comfortable spot. Oh well--so much for a nap in the hammock
View when first driving into the lodge. They have 4 or 5 cabins, as well as a few motel-like rooms.
View of the Catskills (from the back of my cabin)
Nice, comfy bed
Thesis workspace
Lots of natural light!
View from the porch
Perfect retreat! This is maybe 1/2 mile outside the town of Phoenicia. Monday I went shopping in a town about 10 miles down the road so mostly ate in the cottage, but occasionally ate out. Then I explored Phoenicia. It is small, but it had some nice places to eat and an ice cream/fudge/gift store. Spent the rest of the day organizing my thesis research.

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