Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

What a wonderful Christmas. My sister Shaunda and her family gave me 25 days of Christmas (see previous post), many friends gave me treats, and I had fun gifts from other friends and family members too (see below). My favorite part is sharing the love of Christmas with them and spending time with them.

Some treats from friends--Christmas cookies came later

My friend Amy makes earrings and gave me these--I love them

Had a wonderful time Skyping with my mom and dad today. Best part was watching them open the presents I gave them. I gave my mom a rendering of the Freedom Trail that she can hang on the wall. My sisters and I each gave my parents 2 date nights a piece (for a total of a whole year between the 6 of us). I gave them a night out to the Sunbird Restaurant and a night in with hot chocolate and treats.

They gave me Christmas socks (bear and music), blue leopard print slippers, a hand towel, chapstick and hand lotion.

When I was little I had a Raggedy Ann doll that was about as big as me. I love that doll--not sure what happened to her. My mom found this doll at at yard sale and gave her a seat of blocks to bring back that memory.

the necklace is an angel with my birthstone (topaz).

Right before I left for college, somebody came to visit. Video cameras were brand new back then, but he had one and made a movie of my family. I remember his visit and think I may have seen the video once, but not for years. We each received a copy for Christmas this year. Looking forward to watching it! Those who know my family may be amused by the pictures of each of us circa 1991.

Another sister put together a 60 page book of family stories--so looking forward to reading that as well.

And another sister gave me a calendar about sisters--it's beautiful and I am looking forward to reading the poems and thoughts

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