Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Day in the Life of Aunt Lori Lyn - Davis Square

Last week I went to Davis Square in Somerville. It's a cute little downtown area. I drove in, but usually I take the subway. Look at all the fun things that I saw.

I went there because there was a grand opening of a bead store that used to be in Harvard Square. Before classes I used to go to that one and buy things to make bracelets and earrings. Now I will have to go to Somerville. I bought some things to make a necklace for me and for Grandma for Mothers Day.

I saw this fun car parked on the street. Wouldn't you like to go for a ride in it?

Spring came late to Boston, but it came. Lots of "popcorn" on the trees

I love the fun architecture. The buildings here sometimes are very different from the buildings you are used to seeing.

This is the design on the building above. What do you think it is?

A weathervane. What is on it besides the cow?

More "popcorn" trees

An adult making chalk pictures on the sidewalk. Some of them are very good and make very fancy drawings and designs

Even though it was cold, it was sunny, so lots of people were out on the benches.

In a lot of towns around here, artists will put their artwork in windows in public buildings and people can contact them if they want to buy it.

I ate brunch here once. It was really good.

Lots of construction projects going on--always

Do you see the tunnel above under the green tarp? This is what it looks like inside. The boards on top are to prevent construction material from falling on pedestrians

I love the beautiful flowers!

The churches here are beautiful. I had to take 3 pictures just to get this whole church.

A dentist office in a house. Lots of businesses are in houses rather than office buildings.

The library--isn't it pretty?

At a restaurant they are cheering on the Red Sox

Some of the houses are painted very bright and fun colors. Do you like this combination?

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I want to see all those fun sites. Thanks for sharing