Monday, February 23, 2015

New Years Card

 If it ever stops snowing here, maybe I can finally get to the post office to mail these. Many feet of snow in the past 3 weeks. 

A belated happy new year! Here is a quick update to my 2014. 

It started with a visit to my parents in Colorado Springs for Christmas--I was there about 10 days and had so much fun spending time with both of them. 

I went to Louisiana for my niece’s baptism in March. We went to a civil war site and the cute town of Natchitoches (where Steel Magnolias was filmed) and enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family. 

In April I celebrated 7 years of condo ownership and finally made my balcony a relaxing place to read and work on thesis research and even attempted container gardening. 

In June I attended a week-long workshop at Radcliffe about Analyzing Historic Cookbooks.  

I took a vacation in August in the Catskills. I went to a Huguenot Village, took a scenic train ride, saw a lighthouse on the Hudson River and enjoyed dinner with a friend, worked on thesis research and relaxed. I ended the week by going to a BYU football game in Hartford. 

For my birthday treated myself to a tour of Puritan Boston.

Just kept plugging away on thesis research during the fall. Hope to start writing soon.

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