Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Big Red!

Cherisa and I went to a Huskers football game. Even though my family was in Lincoln for a long time, I had never made it to a game and I LOVE college football. I have been in downtown Lincoln on game day and it's just a sea of red. I was SO excited to finally go inside the stadium and see a game.

Cherisa and I had breakfast at the Egg and I. She ordered a skillet dish and I ordered strawberry and blueberry covered waffles and then we shared. It was so yummy.

See all this red at the restaurant? Even people who weren't going to the game were dressed in Husker Red
Walking towards the stadium with all the other fans.

Inside the stadium--AMAZING! It was so fantastic to be there with so many other fans and to hear the excitement and feel the energy. The Huskers played Arkansas State and won 42-13.
Pre-game performance

Two sisters enjoying the game. I should have brought a hat--several days later the top of my head is still sunburned. Blame my mom for the very thin hair.

Still pre-game

Getting ready for the players to run out of the tunnel.

Video of the players leaving the locker room en route to the tunnel and the field.
I couldn't get this on my camera, but they touch the horseshoe for good luck on their way out.
Here they come!

Little Red: I guess he's the new mascot. Apparently Herbie is still around somewhere, but I didn't see him.
Just  can't get enough of all the red in the stadium!
Letting go of the balloons after the first touch-down.
Another view of Little Red


magnew said...


Thanks for your mention of our restaurant The Egg & I on your blog! We appreciate that and would like for you come in and try our Husker special (on the house of course) that we are running during the Nebraska Cornhuskers football season. It is the "Big Red Burrito". A breakfast burrito filled with eggs, ranch potatoes, sirloin steak, bacon and topped with pork green chili, cheese, sour cream and our special signature garnish of a deep fried red "N". This is a wow item fit for any hungry Husker fan. Let's get you in soon to try this amazing breakfast burrito. Thank you

Lorin and Marilyn said...

What great Memories, Go Big Red